Background Before&After – Using Selection Tool

During the post production workflow, the background is equally important as the subject. While some backgrounds can bring the focus to the subject, some backgrounds are simply disrupting the viewers from looking at the subject. It becomes important to add and subtract what are in the background in order to make the viewers feel like in the scene. Here are the technique of adding a background texture to the background from my storytelling project. Here is the link to the story of this post : Let the Picture Speaks for Itself – Storytelling Images

In this post I will talk about the concept and technique in background retouching workflow. And also show some before&after background montage.

In this picture of Elena, we were trying to create a story in the studio. The reason of gray background is so we can ADD anything to the background to make her seems like in different places that fits her outfits.

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Elenna-1

I chose to use this rock texture footage I found online to create that she is in the natural area. I used the select object tool with the refine brush tool to separate her from the background for this image.

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Elenna-4

I also added the moonlight and foggynight colour lookup lut to create a night time image so the lamp will make sense.

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Elenna-2

And here is the final image.

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Elenna-2

I learn a lot of wild life photography technique from Tin Man Lee

Here is a quick story of how I got this shot using a 50mm prime lens.

I wasn’t planning on taking much picture for this trip with my friends. Because I really just want to take a break and enjoy our time together. I still brought my camera with a 50mm lens in case we want to take some pictures of us. But then we saw this beautiful moose wondering so close by the road and just having a good day with his lady nearby. I got super excited and hoping to get the picture of this gorgeous moose. But I only had a freaking 50mm prime lens…

So I got closer and closer and closer, until I was around 10″ at this point hiding behind a few trees. The moose noticed me and stared at me for a moment. And then he charged. I was badly injured and stayed at the hospital for the next two months.

Just kidding, he was super chill on that day. Nothing happened and he walked right passed me.

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Moose-1

Since, I was limited with the 50mm prime lens, I wasn’t able to create the depth and blurry bokeh in the background. I chose to do it in post using the tilt-shift function from the blur gallery. And here is the result.

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Bison-1

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Bison-3



Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Alysse-3

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Alysse-2

Zhiyang Tsai-before&after-Alysse-1