Creating Cinemagraph with Photoshop

Cinemagraph is simply a .gif image. In the photoshop, I used the video timeline function to find the desired cinemagraph loop and create a loop image. Then save it as a .gif image. This technique is very fun to play around especially for some funny memes! I used a video that I took at the lower geyser basin in yellowstone and a stock footage of a compass to try out the .gif technique. The one part that need to be mindful about creating cinemagraph is that these gif files are design to be sending through messages or text. The file needs to be pretty small in order for it to work. has a brilliant website teaching people step by step process of creating cinemagraph. Check it out!

Yellowstone: Lower Geyser Basin

It was a beautiful sunset at the lower geyser basin in Yellowstone. It was a brilliant photo excursion with our instructor Caryn Esplin at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the geyser erupt. But it was still a lot of fun!

Old Compass (stock footage)