Zhiyang Tsai-SIMMS fishing-Shawn Jia-1.2

Recreating Simms Fishing Commercial

Finally started my Yellowstone photography trip pictures!! During our trip, we passed a river and stopped for lunch. Then I saw this guy in such a professional fishing outfit (tbh I know nothing about fishing so I didn’t even know if it’s proper or not haha, but he looks super cool).

So I ran up to him and asked if it’s okay to take some pictures of him. And Shawn @xiaopengy0u is just a super nice and funny guy, so I ended up bring half of the class to take his picture 😂! And Shawn was so freaking patient the whole time, I guess being patient is one necessary quality for a fisherman huh?

But the images turn out so good, that I decide to recreate a series of commercial ads of SIMMS fishing pants @simmsfishing out of it!

For this project, I decided to make these photos into SIMMS fishing pants commercial. The layout is actually quite simple. Here is the original:

This is the SIMMS fishing brand, and I love how there gears look. It fits perfectly with the natural and seems super comfortable.

And this is the Abel Reels brand, that Shawn Jia was using.

SIMMS-fishiong commercial

And these are mine recreated images:

Zhiyang Tsai-abel reels-fly fishing-Shawn Jia

Zhiyang Tsai-SIMMS fishing-fly fishing-xiaopengyou-2

Zhiyang Tsai-SIMMS fishing-fly fishing-Shawn Jia-3

And then here are the original images:

Zhiyang Tsai-SIMMS fishing-fly fishing-Shawn Jia-1

Zhiyang Tsai-abel reels-fly fishing-Shawn Jia-4

Zhiyang Tsai-SIMMS fishing-fly fishing-Shawn Jia-5

Zhiyang Tsai-SIMMS fishing-fly fishing-Shawn Jia-3