While the majority of the posing are focusing on female poses, there are few things that men should be doing while posing for the camera. It’s like when you go to a clothing store, and from the 1st to the 5th floors are all women’s clothing and only 6th floor is men’s section.

In this post, I will give a few tips on men’s posing. I learned a lot from a website called, “EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHY“.

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General Tips for Posing 

from Expert photography

General facts that will help you better pose a person and understand why some poses work:

  1. Things that are closer to the camera look bigger.
  2. Things that are further from the camera look smaller.
  3. A longer lens flattens depth (for example, a big nose looks smaller at 120mm than it seems at 50mm).
  4. A short lens makes the face rounder and “puffier.”
  5. Things pointed directly at the camera look shorter (foreshortening).

The following suggestions are for impressive male poses.

But it doesn’t mean that you can only apply them for a male model. Female and gender-neutral models look great in these poses to. You just have to know that these postures create a masculine appearance.

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Give Men A Chiseled Jawline in 3 Steps


Through these three simple steps we are able to grab the focus on the jawline and that will give a sense of strong character.

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Peter Hurley – Squinch 

When people are in front of the camera, they often have their eyes wide open and simply stare at the camera which is something you will never do in real life unless your kids did something very wrong.

Raise up the lower eyelids when the upper eyelids stay open or slightly squinched can create a very interesting look on both male and female. A look that draw people into the character.

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Look Away

Looking away from the camera is also a very nice technique to pose men. And when the head tilt to other angles, the jawline is usually emphasized.

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Quick Pro Tips:

from Expert Photography
  1. A lot of people have one eye smaller than the other (you would be surprised once you start paying attention). You can choose to ignore this or, if you think you want to do something about it, pose the smaller eye closer to the camera (see general fact 1, listed above).
  2. When dealing with a heavy blinker, ask your subject to close his eyes and open them on three. You should be able to get at least a few frames with no blinking right after the subject opens his eyes. This is a great technique for portrait photography. The photos will capture the moment when your model looks straight into your soul.
  3. The double chin can be too much to handle by pushing the chin out and down. You can try blocking it out of the view by posing the subjects’ hand. Place it in such a way that it obstructs a direct view of the double chin. For example, chin resting on fist, fist to the side of the neck, etc.
  4. If someone has a big nose, use a longer lens and shoot the face straight (no head turn) (general fact 3 & 5). Foreshortening and optics would come to the rescue.
  5. Puffy faces look skinnier when using a longer lens (general fact 3).
  6. If your subject has a prominent forehead or is balding, shooting from a lower angle will help alleviate the problem (general fact 2).
  7. If the person gets tired and has droopy eyes, shooting from a higher angle would force them to look up into your camera, thus forcing the eyes to open a bit more.

More Examples:

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