Landscape/Wildlife photos from Island Park and YNP

During my trip to Island Park and Yellowstone National Park for the workshop with Caryn Esplin. We had a lot of time to take some stunning images! We went to few stunning sunrise points as well as some sunset points. Photographers are truly the explorer of lights, we chase, create, and be inspired by lights. Being in

The Forenoon of Island Park

Here is the morning sunrise I captured in island park. The river is the famous buffalo river where Caryn’s cabin located nearby. We stayed in the freezing cold wind before the sunrise and just wait until that moment of gorgeous sunrise.

📷: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lense: Sigma 14-24mm (this lens is so good!)
(f/16, 1/500s, ISO 100)
Time: 7a.m.

Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-9

Yellowstone Geyser

Here is two images of the breathtaking Yellowstone geyser sunset. A lot of time during this trip we used wide angle and bracketing setting for the landscape photography. But I wanted to try bring the audience much much closer to the geyser and fill the whole frame with the ember sunset. So I switched to a 70-200mm for this image. I love it.

Alright I was a lot further away from this big boy. A super nice guy Matt who was also taking the photos at the time let me borrow his camera and lens to take this photo 🙏 check his staff out! It’s awesome!!

Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-8

Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-4

Here is a guide for the Yellowstone photography guide.

What to Photograph in Yellowstone National Park