Storytelling Is the Reason That a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

People love stories. We sit on the couch in the living room and watch Netflix for hours. We go to theatre for the latest movies for the excitement, horror, romance, and laughters. As a photographer and cinematographer, I love creating storytelling imageries that bring people to a different world yet they are still able to relate to them!

I took this picture at portrait photography workshop with Caryn Esplin. She show us a technique to change the background texture she learned from the Glyn Dewis workshop where she won as the first place with this incredible picture! By changing the background, photographer can bring the life of the story to the picture much easier in a smaller studio. And here is the picture I was able to capture during her workshop. We had our beautiful Ukrainian classmate Elena dressed up in the 16th century costume and created a scene in the dark night of middle age black forest.

Way of Viking by Caryn Esplin and Elena in the woods by Zhiyang Tsai

carynesplinphotoZhiyang Tsai-storytelling-Elanna

The following image tells a story of a longly single guy. I was working with Brigham Young University – Idaho as a photographer and a graphic designer. And this was an image that I took for a dating workshop poster. And he is married and a happy husband now! The dating workshop does work I guess.

Zhiyang Tsai-storytelling-Peter

The last picture was taken in the Bannack Ghost Town during another workshop from Caryn Esplin. I won the best portrait with this image of Rick, our model. I love taking picture of old people. The wrinkles and eyes with the cowboy outfits bring us straight back to the 1800s and bring this ghost town back to life!

Zhiyang Tsai-storytelling-Rick