Macro Photography – Beginner Tutorial

As a beginner myself on macro photography, I learn a lot from . And they have a tutorial on Macro Photography, “Everything You Need to Know About Macro Photography.” I have been interested in Macro because of my passion of wildlife photography. While using extreme tele zoom lenses are quite similar to using macro lenses, the technique of this two are very different. Both will take a lot of time and practice. In this article I will share some notes and things I learn from Caryn Esplin‘s Macro Workshop as well as the tutorial above.

I will share again some of the principle and fundamental about Macro Photography here:

  • Understand macro photography terminology.
  • Pick the right camera and lens equipment.
  • Get enough depth of field.
  • Pick camera and flash settings for a well-lit photo.
  • Focus on the most important part of your subject.
  • Learn the common behaviors of various insects.
  • Compose and take your picture.

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-1

It is important to compose before taking the image, I choose to only show half of many macro objects because people already know what that is. Giving a bit of white space allows the viewers to breath as well as for graphic designer to place texts.

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-2

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-6

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-3

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-4

This is one of my favourite macro image, Looking at those texture on the Chinese $10 dollars bill!

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-5

While eyes are the window of the soul, people never really stare at other people in their eyes. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-7

Zhiyang Tsai-macrophotography-8