Mooncake Photography – Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Amazing Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake photography. Mooncake is a traditional Chinese dessert consist of  jam, dried sausage, mung bean paste, salt, sugar, cooking oil, sugared lard, lotus seed, watermelon seed, etc. And this is my mooncake photography post this year!

October 1st, 2020 was the mid-autumn festival. Being in the United States and United Kingdom for the past 6 years, I didn’t even really celebrate our traditional mid-autumn festival anymore. Luckily, this year, my good friend Emily, homemade so many delicious mooncakes and invited us to enjoy our Mid-Autumn Festival together. As a photographer, when I saw beautiful dishes, I couldn’t stop myself to ask Emily to make those mooncake again (because we ate them so freaking fast and I didn’t have my camera with me the first time).

The second time, I was prepare to shoot these beautiful mooncakes. I used a Aputure 120D as my key light and using a reflector as my bounce for most of the setup. I don’t usually take food photography, so there are still a lot of room to improve. But they taste DELICIOUS, even better than how they look! The sweet of the red bean combine with the salty part of egg yolk, adding on top is the crispy texture of layers of skin. Emmm… at least you get to enjoy the pictures if you haven’t tried it before. Enjoy.

Here are few website that i got my inspiration on the mooncake photography:

Chinese Mooncakes — Symbols, Flavors, Regional Varieties

Chinese Mooncake recipe

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