SQIBB – Studio Quality Invisible Black Background

SQIBB is an interesting in camera setup that is design to remove all background to black in daylight setting. The technique is to use strobe or flash with aperture all the way to f / 16 or above (depending on if you can still see the background). Through adding the strobe, only the desired parts of images are lighted. And that’s how to turn bright daylight into studio setting. The advantage is that you can do this during daylight to create the feeling you want and the disadvantage is compensating the possibility of shallow depth of field due to the high aperture.

This image I took of Hajdi we created in a small home studio. Because of the setting I had, I was able to remove all the background and only show the part of her face that I lit up with the Godox AD400 strobe.

Zhiyang Tsai-sqibb-Hajdi-2

This is a fitness commercial I did for Brandon our fitness model. I create the shot in the studio so I was able to control the background better and there was no need to go into photoshop to fix any part of background.

Zhiyang Tsai-sqibb-Brandon-2

Zhiyang Tsai-sqibb-Tess-2

This is a creative image I tried learning from Chris Knight’s “Mastering One Light” master class. It’s is very interesting to create this shot with one simple flash light from behind my model Kira.

Zhiyang Tsai-sqibb-Kira