Through the Lens – Eyes of a Photographer

As photographers, we view the world in a different way. Sometimes, I feel there is an automatic rule of third guide when I walk around a beautiful scenery. When I see faces, the golden ratio line pop up and I will consider if they are good for modeling. I love colours. The sunset amazes me and I can sit there and stare at the sky during that golden hours any day and thinking what’s are all the colours from that blue to red gradience of sunset. In the most ordinary spot, photographer can take extraordinary shot at the right time, right angle, and the right composition.

I found these amazingly boring bushes at a park near my apartment. And I know if I am able to blur every single detail out of the bushes and only leave the colours, that’s gonna be extraordinary. Here is the shot I took with a beautiful model Hajdi from Albania.

Adorama also has a series called through the lens to show how different perspective can transform a boring scene to a stunning view.

Ordinary Spot

Extraordinary Shot

Being able to explore different perspectives and lighting is one of the most satisfying feeling when you are able to create something that people haven’t been doing. When the unique style of shot make you standout from other people.

Zhiyang Tsai-eyesofaphotographer-OSES-2

Zhiyang Tsai-eyesofaphotographer-OSES-1