Moose charging – Reckless Wildlife Photographer

Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-Moose Attack

I wasn’t planning on taking much picture for this trip with my brothers  and friends because I really just want to take a break and enjoy our time together. I still brought my camera with a 50mm lense in case we want to take some pictures of us. But then we saw this beautiful moose wondering so close by the road and just having a good day with his lady nearby. I got super excited 😆 hoping to get the picture of this gorgeous moose. But I only had a freaking 50mm prime lense…

So I got closer and closer and closer, until I was around 10″ at this point hiding behind a few trees. The moose noticed me and stared at me for a moment. And then he charged. I was badly injured and stayed at the hospital for the next two months.

Just kidding, he was super chill on that day. Nothing happened and he walked right passed me. It was reckless, but wild life photography is my passion since I was a small kid!!

Even though I have been posting lots of portraits, wild life photography has always been my dream. I remember reading one children’s book about lion in africa and telling my teacher I wanted to be a wild life photographer in Africa.

Producing portraits are just much cheaper and more convenient that’s why I have been doing mostly portraits. I love interacting with people, finding their best moments and turn them into arts. But being in the mountains with the natural and wild life really give me a sense of peace and simply amazed that this earth might be one of the most breathtaking creation of God.

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Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-16

🦌 Yellowstone national park.

📷: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens: Tamron SP 150-600 at 552mm
(1/640s at f/6.3, ISO 400)

Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-8

A super nice guy Matt who was also taking the photos at the time let me borrow his camera and lens to take this photo 🙏 check his staff out! It’s awesome!!

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens: Sigma 70-200 at 185mm
(f/2.8, 1/1000s, ISO125
Location: Grand Tetons

Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-11

I learn a lot from Tin Man Lee for camera setting and preparation in wildlife photography.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens: Sigma 14-24 at 15mm
(f/2.8, 20s, ISO5000)

Zhiyang Tsai-landscape&wildlife-14

Here is a guide on how close you can be while taking wildlife photography.